Keeping it cute since day one

Jenn David and Adam Fuller are passionate in their pursuit of safe, reliable products that perform. With the help of their team, they design and curate the best selection of clothing and baby goods on the market. Their uncanny and enigmatic partnership is one that values women in business, super moms and dedicated dads.


Ben Jade

InterWired Genius

Ben's like the clever mad scientist of engineering. One part genius. Three parts electro super conductor.

Adriano Corte Real

Champion of Intuition

Adrian prefers his creations with brains and beauty. And slickness. And a sense of humor. He's really here to make sure we all stay smart.

Amanda McMullen

Brand Goddess

Our brand gooddess keeps our beauty, values and colors all within the lines.

Morgan Nathan

Marketing Maven

Her brain is a wonderous, beautiful and busy place but we and neither she would have it any other way!

Carly Green

Product Conductor

Our conductor keeps this train running full steam ahead.

Nikita Meade

Wizard of Words

Words flow flawlessly and effortlessly from her wand-like fingers.

Alli Brown

Social Superstar

Lights, camera, action! It's always insta time thanks to Ali.

Marissa Mae

Fairy Matchmaker

This fairy matchmaker has an eye for talent and matches us with the most adorable babies in all of the lands.

Claire Ellen

Commander of Happiness

Claire is the type of person you question for always being too happy. She reminds us however, that happiness is ours to create.

Hellen Kitty

Miracle Worker

This peaceful earth child is never without a smile. Her approach to absolute resolve is remarkable.