This Adorable Baby's Expression Says it All

Babies are great for a lot of things-cuddling, an excuse to not shower as much as you maybe should, but most importantly, getting a good laugh from their facial expressions. Molly Mikos of Chicago, Illinois might have abs of steel from laughing so hard at her baby’s goofy faces. Molly recently shared a few pictures of her kiddo, Daniel, on social media and the internet went wild.

Little Danny boy has some signature faces that almost every mama can relate to. We don’t know exactly what Daniel was thinking when he made these faces, but we know what we’re thinking when we have similar looks. Scroll for a well-deserved giggle!











When you accidentally open the front camera and immediately count the day as a loss.



When your friends ask you to come out but you’re already home with your bra off, sweatpants on and elbow deep in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.



The look you give when you realize your child’s kid’s meal looks a lot more appealing than your “healthy choice”.  Chicken nuggets and ranch is a balanced diet, right?



When you see the waitress hightailing it to your table with the queso and chips. Mama eatin’ good tonight!




How you sleep knowing it’s Dad’s turn for late night diaper duty.



When they forget to charge you extra for guac at Chipotle.




When the sassy 16 year old working at Walgreens gives you attitude and you try to refrain from being a cliché and asking for her manager.



When Grandma and Grandpa gift your kiddo with a play drum set. Who needs peace and quiet anyway? *Shutters*



When Karen from the office isn’t respecting your personal bubble AGAIN.


When you blame the stinky on the baby and your partner believes you.




When you make it through an entire episode of Real Housewives without being interrupted by a child or spouse.



“GIRLLLLL!!! She said what?? NO! WHAT! Girl you slay, don’t you listen to that. Good vibes only.”



When the first glass of wine after 9 months of pregnancy hits you harder than you remember.




Posted on July 18, 2017 By Jamie Dorren

OMG LOLOL. I lOVED this. So dang funny and cute!

Posted on July 18, 2017 By Sarah Ward

lol. So cute. Sharing this now.

Posted on July 18, 2017 By Caroline Johnson

haha. This baby has a more diverse collection of expressions than most people have with vocabulary. This kid will always be able to convey a thought with a look. LMAO. I love him. lol

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